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Used Ford Mustangs For Sale in Illinois

Darien Illinois 1993  Mustang1993 Ford Mustang
Darien, IL
Miles: 55,000
VIN: 1facp42d0pf154947
Chicago Illinois 2014 Blue Mustang2014 Blue Ford Mustang
Chicago, IL
Miles: 56,000
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 1ZVBP8AM5E5209410
Morton Illinois 2013 Blue Mustang2013 Blue Ford Mustang 2dr Cpe GT Premium
Morton, IL
Miles: 7,078
Transmission: 6-SPEED
VIN: 1ZVBP8CF0D5200546
Tinley Park Illinois 2013 Red Mustang2013 Red Ford Mustang GT Premium
Tinley Park, IL
Miles: 3,056
Transmission: 6 speed automatic
VIN: 1ZVBP8CF3D5238336
Lombard Illinois 2008 White Mustang2008 White Ford Mustang 2dr Coupe GT Deluxe
Lombard, IL
Miles: 51,115
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1ZVHT82H085163495
Bensenville Illinois 2011 -- Mustang2011 -- Ford Mustang GT
Bensenville, IL
Miles: 70,076
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1ZVBP8CF6B5124750
Manhattan Illinois 1965 Blue Mustang1965 Blue Ford Mustang
Manhattan, IL
Miles: 100
Transmission: 4 speed
VIN: 5F07A253603
Hickory Hills Illinois 2014 Black Mustang2014 Black Ford Mustang GT
Hickory Hills, IL
Miles: 97,490
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 1zvbp8cf0e5311776
Buffalo Grove Illinois 2003 Red Mustang2003 Red Ford Mustang
Buffalo Grove, IL
Miles: 122,010
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FAFP42X83F429370
Morton Illinois 2013 Red Mustang2013 Red Ford Mustang Boss 302
Morton, IL
Miles: 15,162
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1ZVBP8CU3D5249206
West Chicago Illinois 2004 Black Mustang2004 Black Ford Mustang SVT Cobra
West Chicago, IL
Miles: 20,679
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FAFP48Y44F233556
Mundelein Illinois 1966 Turquoise Mustang1966 Turquoise Ford Mustang -SUPER CLEAN ARIZONA CLASSIC - CRUISE IN
Mundelein, IL
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 1966200XXXX
Wilmington Illinois 1966 Blue Mustang1966 Blue Ford Mustang
Wilmington, IL
Miles: 84,540
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 6R07C239878
Champaign Illinois 2019 Green Mustang2019 Green Ford Mustang Fastback BULLITT
Champaign, IL
Miles: 8
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FA6P8K02K5502599
Mundelein Illinois 1969 Red Mustang1969 Red Ford Mustang -MACH 1-4 YEAR OLD COMPLETE RESTORATION-
Mundelein, IL
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 9F02R163110
Mundelein Illinois 1969 Black Mustang1969 Black Ford Mustang -MACH 1-FACTORY R CODE COBRA JET 428-DUL
Mundelein, IL
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 19691428XXXX
Carol Stream Illinois 2018 White Mustang2018 White Ford Mustang Shelby GT350
Carol Stream, IL
Miles: 7,204
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FA6P8JZXJ5502591
Mundelein Illinois 1996 Black Mustang1996 Black Ford Mustang -COBRA SVT 5 SPD CONVERTIBLE LOW MILES 3
Mundelein, IL
Miles: 69,685
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FALP46V4TF175510
Cairo Illinois 2018 Red Mustang2018 Red Ford Mustang
Cairo, IL
Miles: 9
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FA6P8JZ1J5503404
Mundelein Illinois 1987 White Mustang1987 White Ford Mustang -GT CONVERTIBLE TRIPLE WHITE ONLY 17k MI
Mundelein, IL
Miles: 17,800
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 1FABP45EXHF249081
Willowbrook Illinois 1966 Red Mustang1966 Red Ford Mustang
Willowbrook, IL
Miles: 76,632
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 0000006T08C144091
Mount Vernon Illinois 2017 Gray Mustang2017 Gray Ford Mustang
Mount Vernon, IL
Miles: 658
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 1FA6P8CF6H5291354
Downers Grove Illinois 2007 Black Mustang2007 Black Ford Mustang SHELBY GT500
Downers Grove, IL
Miles: 8,302
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1ZVHT89S475230437
Champaign Illinois 2018 Red Mustang2018 Red Ford Mustang Fastback GT Premium
Champaign, IL
Miles: 7,798
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FA6P8CF1J5111932
Mundelein Illinois 1964 Gray Mustang1964 Gray Ford Mustang -PRO TOURING LS1-64 1/2 PONY CLASSIC-WIT
Mundelein, IL
Miles: 22,520
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 5R07T210211
Lake Villa Illinois 1973 Red Mustang1973 Red Ford Mustang
Lake Villa, IL
Miles: 75,900
Transmission: 3 speed Manual
VIN: 3F01F246002
Chicago Illinois 1966 Gray Mustang1966 Gray Ford Mustang
Chicago, IL
Miles: 88,400
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 6F09A234857
Mundelein Illinois 1966 Black Mustang1966 Black Ford Mustang -FASTBACK- HERTZ TRIBUTE - SEE VIDEO
Mundelein, IL
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 6T09C261297
Carol Stream Illinois 2013 Black Mustang2013 Black Ford Mustang GT Premium
Carol Stream, IL
Miles: 26,665
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1ZVBP8CFXD5253254
Villa Park Illinois 2011 White Mustang2011 White Ford Mustang GT500
Villa Park, IL
Miles: 24,001
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1ZVBP8JS8B5117461
Eureka Illinois 2018 White Mustang2018 White Ford Mustang Roush
Eureka, IL
Miles: 5
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 1FATP8FF8J5157319
West Chicago Illinois 2014 Blue Mustang2014 Blue Ford Mustang GT Premium
West Chicago, IL
Miles: 20,765
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1ZVBP8CFXE5201091
Downers Grove Illinois 1996 Red Mustang1996 Red Ford Mustang COBRA
Downers Grove, IL
Miles: 17,948
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FALP47V3TF229961
Downers Grove Illinois 1986 Gray Mustang1986 Gray Ford Mustang LX
Downers Grove, IL
Miles: 15,840
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FABP28M3GF324404
Carol Stream Illinois 2006 Gray Mustang2006 Gray Ford Mustang Roush Stage 2 Supercharged
Carol Stream, IL
Miles: 27,884
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1ZVFT82H365153208
Eureka Illinois 2018 Blue Mustang2018 Blue Ford Mustang Roush Stage 2
Eureka, IL
Miles: 25
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FA6P8CF2J5145555
Carol Stream Illinois 2004 Green Mustang2004 Green Ford Mustang SVT Cobra Convertible Mystichrome
Carol Stream, IL
Miles: 4,905
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FAFP49Y74F160293