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Used Ford Mustangs For Sale in New Jersey

Marlboro New Jersey 2004 Gray Mustang2004 Gray Ford Mustang
Marlboro, NJ
Miles: 165,000
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 1FAFP40664F145618
Franklin Park New Jersey 2007 Blue Mustang2007 Blue Ford Mustang
Franklin Park, NJ
Miles: 76,500
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 1ZVHT80N175263807
South River New Jersey 2016 Silver Mustang2016 Silver Ford Mustang
South River, NJ
Miles: 14,700
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 1FA6P8TH0G5223535
Forked River New Jersey 1990 White Mustang1990 White Ford Mustang GT
Forked River, NJ
Miles: 86,000
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 1FACP45E7LF212633
Trenton New Jersey 2011 Blue Mustang2011 Blue Ford Mustang GT Premium
Trenton, NJ
Miles: 28,278
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1ZVBP8FF6B5118295
Williamstown New Jersey 2013 Red Mustang2013 Red Ford Mustang Roush Stage 2
Williamstown, NJ
Miles: 6,700
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1ZVBP8CFXD5259880
Lakewood New Jersey 1968 Yellow Mustang1968 Yellow Ford Mustang
Lakewood, NJ
Miles: 99,424
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 8T03C179101
Glassboro New Jersey 1967 Blue Mustang1967 Blue Ford Mustang
Glassboro, NJ
Miles: 178,000
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 27F03T207231
Howell New Jersey 2005 Red Mustang2005 Red Ford Mustang
Howell, NJ
Miles: 47,847
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 1ZVFT82H955127498
Belleville New Jersey 2004 Oxford White Mustang2004 Oxford White Ford Mustang
Belleville, NJ
Miles: 47,000
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1fafp42r34f136480
Lake Hopatcong New Jersey 2015 Black Mustang2015 Black Ford Mustang
Lake Hopatcong, NJ
Miles: 21,052
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FA6P8CF1F5422641
Monroeville New Jersey 1969  Mustang1969 Ford Mustang
Monroeville, NJ
Miles: 84,661
VIN: 9T02F108209
Millburn New Jersey 1966 Yellow Mustang1966 Yellow Ford Mustang
Millburn, NJ
Miles: 86,596
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 26T07C126492
Morris Plains New Jersey 2011 Gray Mustang2011 Gray Ford Mustang
Morris Plains, NJ
Miles: 125,600
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 1ZVBP8AMXB5106169
Somerville New Jersey 1969 Blue Mustang1969 Blue Ford Mustang
Somerville, NJ
Miles: 79,000
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 9T01F201180
Vernon New Jersey 1990 White Mustang1990 White Ford Mustang GT
Vernon, NJ
Miles: 64,000
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FACP42E1LF144477
Freehold New Jersey 2006 White Mustang2006 White Ford Mustang S281 SC 475HP
Freehold, NJ
Miles: 10,130
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 1ZVFT85HX65172737
Jersey City New Jersey 2012 Orange Mustang2012 Orange Ford Mustang 2dr Coupe Boss 302
Jersey City, NJ
Miles: 27,909
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1ZVBP8CU4C5260181
Paterson New Jersey 2000 Gray Mustang2000 Gray Ford Mustang
Paterson, NJ
Miles: 62,618
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FAFP42XXYF211194
Montvale New Jersey 2011 Red Mustang2011 Red Ford Mustang BYOB 302
Montvale, NJ
Miles: 28,750
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1ZVBP8CF2B5115219
Hackettstown New Jersey 1968 Red Mustang1968 Red Ford Mustang --
Hackettstown, NJ
Miles: 59,000
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 8R01T170717
Whippany New Jersey 2007 White Mustang2007 White Ford Mustang
Whippany, NJ
Miles: 7,995
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1ZVHT82H575325510
Howell New Jersey 2012 Silver Mustang2012 Silver Ford Mustang --
Howell, NJ
Miles: 34,500
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1ZVBP8JS9C5240137
Ramsey New Jersey 2012 Custom Blue/Black/Silver Mustang2012 Custom Blue/Black/Silver Ford Mustang
Ramsey, NJ
Miles: 31,982
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 1zvbp8emxc5206882
Mantua New Jersey 2003  Mustang2003 Ford Mustang
Mantua, NJ
Miles: 37,616
VIN: 1FAFP49Y63F400223
Lakewood New Jersey 1993 Red Mustang1993 Red Ford Mustang LX
Lakewood, NJ
Miles: 64,725
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 1FACP41E2PF207061