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Used Fourth Generation Ford Mustang For Sale (60 found)

Rootstown Ohio 2003 Black Mustang2003 Black Ford Mustang
Rootstown, OH
Miles: 52,100
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1fafp48y23f413245
Grimesland North Carolina 1994 Red Mustang1994 Red Ford Mustang
Grimesland, NC
Miles: 26,680
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FALP42D6RF187650
Torrance California 1996 Red Mustang1996 Red Ford Mustang
Torrance, CA
Miles: 191,300
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FALP42X5TF211616
Seminole Florida 2001 Red Mustang2001 Red Ford Mustang
Seminole, FL
Miles: 81,000
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FAFP42X01F183010
El Paso Texas 2002 Gray Mustang2002 Gray Ford Mustang Saleen
El Paso, TX
Miles: 10,135
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FAFP42X43F332246
Chester New York 2003 Blue Mustang2003 Blue Ford Mustang MACH 1
Chester, NY
Miles: 55,000
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1fafp42r43f345449
Waterford Connecticut 2004 Yellow Mustang2004 Yellow Ford Mustang
Waterford, CT
Miles: 16,000
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FAFP42R14F135313
Melbourne Florida 1999 Red Mustang1999 Red Ford Mustang
Melbourne, FL
Miles: 81,200
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 1fafp45x0xf133762
Cicero New York 2003 Silver Mustang2003 Silver Ford Mustang Cobra
Cicero, NY
Miles: 91,000
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FAFP48Y53F313818
East Peoria Illinois 1995 Red Mustang1995 Red Ford Mustang
East Peoria, IL
Miles: 65,300
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FALP45T7SF113159
Woodville Ohio 2001 Yellow Mustang2001 Yellow Ford Mustang
Woodville, OH
Miles: 57
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FAFP42X51F125295
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 2003 Silver Mustang2003 Silver Ford Mustang Roush Stage 3
Pittsburgh, PA
Miles: 55,135
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FAFP45X73F426522
New Windsor New York 2003 Red Mustang2003 Red Ford Mustang
New Windsor, NY
Miles: 66,000
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 1FAFP42X83F320682
Watertown New York 1994 Yellow and Black Mustang1994 Yellow and Black Ford Mustang GT
Watertown, NY
Miles: 85,804
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FALP42T8RF206576
Essex Maryland 2004 Gray Mustang2004 Gray Ford Mustang
Essex, MD
Miles: 49,300
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 1FAFP45X94F221818
Melbourne Florida 1998 Blue Mustang1998 Blue Ford Mustang
Melbourne, FL
Miles: 145,424
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 1FAFP4444WF160484
Ashland Ohio 2003 Red Mustang2003 Red Ford Mustang
Ashland, OH
Miles: 62,300
Transmission: --
VIN: 1FAFP44413F395887
Las Vegas Nevada 1994 Teal Blue Mustang1994 Teal Blue Ford Mustang GT 2dr Convertible
Las Vegas, NV
Miles: 138,162
Transmission: Manual 5-Speed
VIN: 1FALP45T3RF216718
Missouri Valley Iowa 2003 Red Mustang2003 Red Ford Mustang
Missouri Valley, IA
Miles: 6,277
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FAFP49Y63F302552
Fox River Grove Illinois 2001 White Mustang2001 White Ford Mustang GT
Fox River Grove, IL
Miles: 115,000
VIN: 1FAFP42X81F195793
Penn Yan New York 2004 Silver Mustang2004 Silver Ford Mustang
Penn Yan, NY
Miles: 18,000
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FAFP48Y84F155931
Duluth Minnesota 2003 Red Mustang2003 Red Ford Mustang Mach 1
Duluth, MN
Miles: 42,895
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FAFP42RX3F442235
Biglerville Pennsylvania 2003  Mustang2003 Ford Mustang
Biglerville, PA
Miles: 119,860
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 1FAFP404X3F371576
Mishawaka Indiana 2000 White Mustang2000 White Ford Mustang
Mishawaka, IN
Miles: 184,466
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 1FAFP4042YF240424
Bellevue Ohio 1996 Deep Violet Mustang1996 Deep Violet Ford Mustang
Bellevue, OH
Miles: 12,422
VIN: 1FALP45X9TF217785
El Paso Texas 2002 Yellow Mustang2002 Yellow Ford Mustang GT
El Paso, TX
Miles: 139,000
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FAFP42X32F124308
Palmyra Pennsylvania 1995  Mustang1995 Ford Mustang
Palmyra, PA
Miles: 84,040
VIN: 1FALP42T8SF278447
South Windsor Connecticut 2000 Sunburst Gold Mustang2000 Sunburst Gold Ford Mustang
South Windsor, CT
Miles: 45,000
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FAFP42X6YF106118
South Windsor Connecticut 1997 White Mustang1997 White Ford Mustang
South Windsor, CT
Miles: 47,445
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1falp42x1vf157380
Los Angeles California 2004 Oxford White Mustang2004 Oxford White Ford Mustang 40th Anniversary
Los Angeles, CA
Miles: 180,000
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FAFP42X54F125205
Waterbury Connecticut 2004 Crimson Red Mustang2004 Crimson Red Ford Mustang
Waterbury, CT
Miles: 72,000
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1fafp45xx4f103504
Huntington Beach California 1999 Red Mustang1999 Red Ford Mustang
Huntington Beach, CA
Miles: 99,132
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FAFP46V5XF201180
El Paso Texas 1999 Green Mustang1999 Green Ford Mustang
El Paso, TX
Miles: 23,800
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FAFP47V3XF180845
Oakland California 2001 Gray Mustang2001 Gray Ford Mustang
Oakland, CA
Miles: 90,065
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FAFP444X1F150857
Chino Valley Arizona 1996 Red Mustang1996 Red Ford Mustang
Chino Valley, AZ
Miles: 100
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 1falp45txsf235448
Holiday Florida 2002 Blue Mustang2002 Blue Ford Mustang
Holiday, FL
Miles: 107,500
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1fafp45x82f236176
Trenton New Jersey 2001 Silver Mustang2001 Silver Ford Mustang GT Premium
Trenton, NJ
Miles: 91,159
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 1FAFP42X41F220124
Fort Myers Florida 2000 Red Mustang2000 Red Ford Mustang SVT COBRA R
Fort Myers, FL
Miles: 4,297
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FAFP47H0YF223517
Saint James New York 2001 Black Mustang2001 Black Ford Mustang Coupe 2-Door V6
Saint James, NY
Miles: 123,218
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 1FAFP40461F205844
Oviedo Florida 2003  Mustang2003 Ford Mustang
Oviedo, FL
Miles: 93,576
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FAFP42X43F309002
Stillwater Oklahoma 2002 Red Mustang2002 Red Ford Mustang
Stillwater, OK
Miles: 213,000
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 1FAFP40422F232895
Johnson City Tennessee 2001 Black Mustang2001 Black Ford Mustang
Johnson City, TN
Miles: 152,000
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FAFP45X31F264109
Canada  1995 Black Mustang1995 Black Ford Mustang
Miles: 2,000
Transmission: Manual
VIN: WDBRF76J05F608988
Rochester New York 2003 Red Mustang2003 Red Ford Mustang Cobra Convertible
Rochester, NY
Miles: 72,000
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FAFP49YX3F443656
Fort Myers Florida 2001 Electric Green Mustang2001 Electric Green Ford Mustang RARE GREEN HORNET AUTOMATIC CONVERTIBLE
Fort Myers, FL
Miles: 103,822
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 1FAFP44491F194915
Brazil Indiana 2001 Green Mustang2001 Green Ford Mustang
Brazil, IN
Miles: 115,000
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FAFP42X21F254868
Trenton New Jersey 2001 Gray Mustang2001 Gray Ford Mustang SVT Cobra
Trenton, NJ
Miles: 76,768
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FAFP46VX1F202235
Land O' Lakes Florida 2004 Black Mustang2004 Black Ford Mustang
Land O' Lakes, FL
Miles: 57,000
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FAFP45X34F187908
Toledo Ohio 2004 Black Mustang2004 Black Ford Mustang Convertible
Toledo, OH
Miles: 10,500
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 1FAFP45X34F101478
Freehold New Jersey 2003 White Mustang2003 White Ford Mustang
Freehold, NJ
Miles: 28,700
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FAFP48Y23F306132
Greenwood Indiana 1994 Red Mustang1994 Red Ford Mustang
Greenwood, IN
Miles: 24,046
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FALP42TXRF177727
Framingham Massachusetts 2003 Sonic Blue Pearl Mustang2003 Sonic Blue Pearl Ford Mustang
Framingham, MA
Miles: 83,000
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FAFP42XX3F320635
Torrance California 1999  Mustang1999 Ford Mustang
Torrance, CA
Miles: 120,000
VIN: 1fafp4441xf134197
Stephens City Virginia 1995 Black Mustang1995 Black Ford Mustang
Stephens City, VA
Miles: 40,000
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 1falp42t2sf183771
Apex North Carolina 2004  Mustang2004 Ford Mustang
Apex, NC
Miles: 101,700
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FAFP42R04F139109
East Lyme Connecticut 2001 Mineral Gray Mustang2001 Mineral Gray Ford Mustang Saleen
East Lyme, CT
Miles: 33,000
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FAFP42X21F196969
Boise Idaho 2003 Black Mustang2003 Black Ford Mustang
Boise, ID
Miles: 69,000
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FAFP49Y33F393117
Orlando Florida 1999 Black Mustang1999 Black Ford Mustang
Orlando, FL
Miles: 29,613
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FAFP47V5XF183469
Fort Lauderdale Florida 2000 Silver Mustang2000 Silver Ford Mustang GT
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Miles: 75,510
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: 1FAFP42XXYF277793
Fort Lauderdale Florida 2000 Red Mustang2000 Red Ford Mustang GT - SALEEN (clone)
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Miles: 93,881
Transmission: Manual
VIN: 1FAFP42X4YF189516